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Or Gallery

236 E Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6A 1T7

T. +1 604.683.7395
E. or @ orgallery.org

Gallery hours 12 - 5PM
Tuesday - Saturday

Admission Free


Aaron Carpenter
Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing and Other Drawing
, 2012
Reception Saturday, December 15, 2-6PM

Please join the Or Gallery Saturday December 15th for the launch of Aaron Carpenter’s new book, Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing and Other Drawing

It is the Or’s last day open before we break for the winter holidays, and we will be serving warm apple cider and will all be in a reasonably good mood. There will also be a large selection of books available from our Motto bookstore, and special deals and discounts to be had.

Exercises in Kinesthetic Drawing and Other Drawing is published by Or Gallery, and designed by Information Office


Duane Linklater
Beothuck Building
October 20 - November 24, 2012
Reception Friday, October 19, 8PM

The Or Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new solo exhibition by Ontario based artist Duane Linklater. The title of the exhibition refers directly to a seemingly innocuous office building in St.John’s, Newfoundland. For this exhibition, the building’s title has been appropriated by Linklater and transformed into a generative point of departure.

Initially, these two words refer simultaneously to the collapse of culture and an opportunity for recovery. Within a constellation of meanings these two words may evoke, Linklater will present work about his travel to Newfoundland, and his research into the history of the Beothuck people. Additionally, Linklater presents a new project stemming from email conversations with artist Joanna Malinowska and her project concerning Leonard Peltier and his painting.

Together, these works intertwine to mark forthcoming conversations concerning cultural loss and recovery, appropriation, and the role of production in respect to authority and complicated agencies. Linklater has also invited guests to generate possible meanings around Beothuck Building, presented as talks at the Or Gallery in October and November.


  • Raymond Boisjoly, October 23, 9PM

  • Kim Tallbear, October 24, 7PM
  • Duane Linklater and Joanna Malinowska, October 25, 7PM
  • David Horvitz, November 18, 2PM

Image: Cape Spear by Duane Linklater


Or Gallery at
the New York Art Book Fair (booth #Q39)
September 28 - September 30, 2012
Reception Thursday, September 27, 6–9 pm

The Or Gallery will be participating for the first time at the New York Art Book Fair, presenting a selection of recent tiles including our special second edition of Stan Douglas’s Vancouver Anthology, Kathy & Slade’s 12 Sun Songs, and print editions by Hadley+Maxwell.

The Or Gallery booth is located at Q39, right next to Artspeak on the second floor.

New York Art Book Fair


Pelin Tan & Anton Vidokle
2084 (a science-fiction show)
Sunday, October 14, 12PM as part of the Institutions by Artists convention (pass required), 2012

It’s 2084. Money has been abolished and people exchange information products as tokens of exchange. States have become ungovernable and borders have been redrawn by powerful individuals. Art has fully colonized life and every aspect of daily existence has become aesthetic. What used to be museums have now become data centers. Being is perpetual self-design. No one has a profession. There is no more work. A group of people may meet in a city that was once called Berlin, and there they will discuss the possibilities for independent cultural production…

2084 is a film directed by sociologist Pelin Tan and artist Anton Vidokle, commissioned by Or Gallery, on the occasion of the Institutions by Artists project, with the support of the BC Arts Council’s Innovations program.


Allison Hrabluik, Emma Kay, and Elizabeth Zvonar
Science Fiction 18: The Future from Memory
September 8 - October 14, 2012
Reception Friday, September 7 at 8PM in conjunction with Swarm 13

Science Fiction 18: The Future from Memory is the eighteenth installment of roughly 88 science fiction-related exhibitions and projects produced by the Or Gallery over a 260-year period. The series generally eschews technological aspects of the genre in favour of works that carry more subtly speculative and social qualities, and deal with disjunctures in time or perception.

Image: Elizabeth Zvonar, Timeslip (2012)


Michael Turner
Beach Talks 3: Mic Check: Protesting, Protesting, One, Two, Three…
Saturday, August 25, 4PM, 2012

The “human microphone” is the latest armament in the political protest arsenal. While known primarily as an information delivery system, one which involves a conductor and a partisan audience (where amplification equipment is forbidden), it is also deployed as a critical response mechanism designed to interrupt/inform speakers and audiences who have electronic amplification at their disposal — a dual function that alludes to definitions of ideology as both a belief system and that which masks conditions perpetuated by belief systems.

Michael Turner at Kits Beach


Kristina Lee Podesva
Going Under: “John Marr & Other Sailors With Some Sea Pieces” & a Few Shanties For Good Measure
Saturday, August 18, 4PM, 2012

Jericho Beach, west of the Jericho Sailing Centre (map of approximate location)

Part recitation, part listening party, Going Under takes inspiration from a reading of Herman Melville’s 1888 “John Marr” alongside a presentation of sea shanties and African American work songs to broadly explore coping in “sinking ship” times. In such a milieu, not unlike our own, Podesva asks what is or might be the artist’s relationship to society? Is this dynamic one structured by obsolescence or consequence, solidarity or passivity, camaraderie or alienation? How can we develop a practice that goes beyond basic survival to the articulation of demands and dreams?

This talk will depart from the evidence left in Melville’s story, published just before his death in 1891, and will encourage the development of new strategies and relations tailored to our own time and terrain. Copies of “John Marr” will be made available at the talk.


Steven Maye
Surfaces for Rent: Distraction, Tactility, and the Gallery
Saturday, August 11, 4PM, 2012

Steven Maye is an incoming PhD student in English and Science and Technology Studies at UBC. His work examines various relationships between literature, media, and other forms of sensory experience, especially in the context of 20th-century poetry.

Steven Maye at Jericho Beach


Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder
Night Shift
July 1 - July 31, 2012
Reception July 27 at 8pm

Or Gallery is pleased to present Night Shift, a collaborative performance by Brady Cranfield and Jamie Hilder that explores the parallels between the speculative spaces of the gallery and the market.

In response to the idea that titanium dioxide, the primary ingredient in white paint, is used as an indicator of economic recovery, the artists will paint the walls of the gallery white every night for the duration of the exhibition. As the title Night Shift implies, the artists’ labour will take place while the gallery is closed and will be performed for an amount of time equal to the hours the gallery is open to the public. Several microphones will record the sounds of the painting and these sounds will be played in the gallery during the day. As the paint builds up on the wall, the sound will also accrue after each night’s work, with each subsequent track layered on top of the previous night’s recordings.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Are we witnessing a friendship inflation? And the subsequent devaluation of the very word “friend” due to its ubiquitous use on social networks and other forms of public participation?

The noun has become a verb: ‘to friend’ and seems to cover new ways of relating to virtual and real communities. Many have emphasized the change in habits and vocabulary brought by recent technologies allowing numerous and diverse groups to meet on line through organizations such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Nevertheless, the novelty of technology may well refer to an old chicken and egg debate: if these networking technologies have been developed and if they met success, surely they were answering needs and desires from numbers of people and, even if they helped fashion these needs into the forms of wall-pages or chats, they cannot be the ultimate cause for the social networking frenzy of the last decade.


Bill Burns: Artist Talk and Book Signing
June 7th, 7pm, Artist-Talk

Curated by Tarah Hogue


Dr. Gregor Jansen, Thomas Thiel, Christina Végh and Hilke Wagner

, 2012
Reception Saturday, May 26, 6PM

Co-presented by the Or Gallery, the Contemporary Art Gallery, the Canadian Embassy in Berlin and SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement

World Art Centre (Room 2555)
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 West Hastings St.

Please join us for three introductory presentations by German curators Dr. Gregor Jansen, Thomas Thiel, Christina Végh and Hilke Wagner, each of whom are participating in a research trip across Canada organized by the Canadian Embassy Berlin and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Dr. Gregor Jansen, Thomas Thiel, Christina Végh and Hilke Wagner


Una Knox
4 and a half feet to the left, behind me
April 14 - May 19, 2012
Reception Friday, April 13, 8PM

The Or Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new solo exhibition by Vancouver and London (UK) based artist Una Knox.

Video still from '4 and a half feet to the left, behind me' by Una Knox


Mary Anne Barkhouse, Julie Andreyev, Bill Burns
Facing the Animal
May 26 - June 29, 2012
Reception Friday, May 25, 8PM
Curated by Tarah Hogue

The works in this exhibition ask what facing the animal might mean in contemporary art. Using wolves and their domesticated descendents as subjects, the artists challenge dualities of human/animal and culture/nature in favour of more complex interactions. Through narratives of conservation, industry, wilderness and urban life using the media of sculpture, photography, video and installation, we are asked to question the categories we use to shape our sense of the world in works that are both irreverent and intimate.

Image: Bill Burns, Seoul Dogs, 2003, colour chromogenic print. Courtesy of the artist.


University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA)
SALA Works
February 25 - March 15, 2012
Reception Monday Feb 27, 6.30PM
Curated by Matthew Soules

SALA Works presents a diverse range of projects by faculty at UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA).

As a dynamic centre of leading design research and pedagogy, SALA and its faculty stretch the theoretical, technical and practice-based boundaries of architecture and landscape architecture. SALA Works reveals the breadth and scope of faculty work in tackling critical 21st Century design topics. The more than twenty projects presented collectively incorporate various modes of drawings, computer generated visualization, models and text. The work includes representations of built projects, speculative design propositions, emergent technologies, and socio-spatial analysis. Spanning ideas for housing, public space transformations, community enhancement, written works on historical and contemporary space, explorations of digital technology and its role in the built-environment, the environmental performance of buildings and materials, and more, SALA Works offers a provocative view into the current state of design thinking and practice at UBC.

SALA Works


Annika Rixen
Sciences of Observation
January 14 - February 18, 2012, 2012
Reception Friday, January 13, 8pm