Performance & Screenings

Clamour and Toll: Dreams

February 13, 2013



The Or Gallery is pleased to present ??Clamour and Toll: Dreams?? in collaboration with SFU Woodward’s and SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement.


An evening of sound and image, ??Clamour and Toll: Dreams?? presents a selection of refined audio-visual performances. From harsh and austere through the spectrum to the brightest rainbow, each solo performer will create an immersive world of improvised sound and projected video. Prepare for an abstract dream, and a surreal revelation. This is the third event in an ongoing series curated by the Vancouver painter Eli Bornowsky, for the Or Gallery. Each event positions sound art in relation to other mediums, exploring the relation between sensation and intellection.
Lauryn Youden

Participant Bios

Ian Wyatt is a Vancouver/Montreal based artist and graduate of Emily Carr University. He is a DJ and collaborator with Vancouver’s Mood Hut collective and has been an instrumental force in recording and touring with the experimental pop group No Gold. For Clamour and Toll, Wyatt will debut a new iteration of his rigorous and meditative Slow Riffs project. Influenced by Terry Riley, the techno of Basic Channel and the paintings of Agnes Martin, Wyatt’s work addresses constellations within the body-mind, creating interior spaces using sustained aural forms and gestures.

Lief Hall is a graduate from the Emily Carr University with a degree in animation. Her work often includes elaborate costumes, improvised vocals, and psychedelic visuals that push notions of genre, identity, and accessibility. She has collaborated as a vocalist with Jeffrey Allport and Robert Pederson under the name Glaciers and was lead singer for the experimental punk band Mutators. Her multi-media work has been presented across Canada and her performance work has expanded to include large theatrical productions including Paper House and The Golden Dawn: MYTHS Electronic Opera (Performed at SFU Woodward’s in 2012). Hall is one half of the electro-noise duo Myths, who recently toured North America with Grimes and Elite Gymnastics.

Melissa Paget is a multi-disciplinary media artist whose abrasive sound and video works fall under the moniker MASS MARRIAGE. Paget’s work envisions a manic character obsessed with female identity from high fashion to the female body in popular culture, to prostitution, all embroiled in a world of bizarre European genre cinema. These fixations are appropriated by Paget from various media sources and heavily processed into vivid, concentrated, abstract and abrasive sound and video, often accompanied by her live amplified vocals. Recent performances include Victoria Noise Fest, Vancouver Noise Fest, and Pure Harsh Noise Worship in Portland, Oregon. She has collaborated with noise artist the RITA and released limited edition cassette recordings on the Absurd Exposition and Isolated Now Waves labels.

Lauryn Youden is a recent graduate in photography from Emily Carr University and works in Vancouver and Berlin. Stretching the limits of her photographic discipline, Youden uses video to document the material properties of simple objects. The resulting abstract footage is used to create large-scale videos for screening and installation. Some of these works will punctuate the performances of Clamour and Toll. She is cofounder of Vancouver’s experimental video gallery Ecke.

Eli Bornowsky is a Vancouver based painter. He is an MFA candidate at Bard College, New York, and Program Manager for the Or Gallery. Clamour and Toll represents his ongoing interest in sound and it’s relation to art and human experience.