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Clamour and Toll presents Quiet City, Quiet City Presents Clamour and Toll

January 30, 2016

Presented by Or Gallery, Soundscape & Panospria

The Or Gallery’s performance series Clamour and Toll teams up with Constantine Katsiris’ Quiet City to present an evening of experimental noise, pop and improve in honour of DaiKyoFuroShiki’s West Coast Civilization Shuffle Tour.

大凶風呂敷 (DaiKyoFuroShiki)
Cammisa Buerhaus (NYC) + Tamio Shiraishi (NYC/Tokyo)

Special Thanks to Sunset Terrace

Convened by: Eli Bornowsky & Constantine Katsiris (Guest Curators), Jonathan Middleton (Director Curator)

Participants: Daikyo Furoshiki, regularfantasy, V. Vecker

Sunset Terrace

2028 Clark Drive

Participant Bios

Cammisa Buerhaus is a sound artist and actress who lives in NYC. She runs the record label Wild Flesh Productions, is a member of the theatre company NYC Players, cofounded the band 大凶風呂, and writes fanfiction about American politics. Her sound art and performances have traveled internationally, most recently at the CDG Cultergeist Foundation in Lisbon, Portugal and as sound designer for Felix Bernstein’s Bieber Bathos at The Whitney Museum of American Art.

Tamio Shiraishi is an alto saxophonist and vocalist who is a central figure in the history of art and noise music in Japan. He has played with the influential noise outfits Taco and A-Musik, and was an original member of Fushitsusha alongside Keiji Haino, for their first performances in 1978. From 1978 to 1980 Shiraishi was a key participant and organizer in the art and music scene surrounding the seminal music venue Club Minor. Located in the western Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji, Minor became a key site in the evolution of new Japanese music. The space and its regulars created a melting pot from countless hybrid musical forms, interweaving psychedelic rock, early electronic music, punk, and European jazz, in addition to hosting programs and acts that were considered too unconventional or unclassifiable for other venues. Since moving to New York in 1990, Shirashi has played with acts like No Neck Blues Band, Bill Nace, and Alan Licht, in addition to performing extensively as a soloist in unconventional locales across the city—most famously in subway stations. He is known for his distinctive style, playing almost exclusively in the sharp, blistering, uppermost register of the instrument.

liv carmen is a visual artist, and musician and DJ
regularfantasy, DJ silk, bobo eyes, plush throw
colliding visual textures, patterns, sounds, samples, references
to create new vistas of the sublime and sentimental and themes like materiality and memory
collage of influences, obfuscated mix of thrift store influences like thorny rose tramp stamps, justin timberlake and evocotive sectional couches, relishing in a theme of DIY luxury
nostalgia, pop, kitsch
house, techno, top 40, classic rock, indie rock, vapour wave and
whatever u cant quite put your finger on
on labels such as 1080p, total stasis, genero, dorm room productions, summer cool, forthcoming on isla