Performance & Screenings

David Horvitz

April 25
April 28, 2009


During the first week of the exhibition the artist will depart from the location and wander through the surrounding area until he has become lost. This will be determined by both his inability to consciously know where he is, and his ability to know how to return. It will be a state of vulnerability, in which the power to navigate the environment will have been relinquished. A photograph will be made at this moment. He will then attempt to find his way back.


Leaves from the gallery:
April 25, 4:00pm
April 26, 12:00pm
April 27, 9:00am
April 28, 2:00pm

Files sized to print at 8×10 inches and are free to download. Prints can be made on home printers, or the files can be taken into a photo lab.