Book Launch

Hadley and Maxwell Or Gallery Editions 1+2

February 23, 2008

The Or Gallery is pleased to announce the launch of its first two limited edition artist prints as a 25th anniversary fundraiser event for the Or Gallery.


Vancouver artists Hadley+Maxwell produced two silkscreen prints for the Or Gallery in late 2007, while finishing their residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, in Berlin. The two prints, Sentences on Conceptual Art 1st Draft (Sol Lewitt) and Bungled Open Cube are derived from an envisioned conflation between Sol LeWitt’s 1969 Sentences on Conceptual Art, and the tales of knight errantry read by Miguel de Cervantes’s antihero Don Quixote.


Read Sol Lewitt’s original “Sentences On Conceptual Art” (1968) here
Read Hadley + Maxwell’s “Sentences On Conceptual Art First Draft (Sol Lewitt)” here
Read Eric Fredericksen’s accompanying text “Notes on Sentences on Conceptual Art, First Draft (Sol LeWitt)” here