Fundraisers & Community

Happy BOrthday

December 7, 2018

Celebrating 35 years of Or Gallery!


Featuring: Trees by Artists Live Auction! Re-gift Raffle! Cocktails by Artists! Music by DJ Dizmal! Snacks! Sparkly Stuff! Birthday Cake!


Doors at 7:00 PM
Tree bidding and raffle after 9:00 PM
Door entry: purchase or renew your Or Gallery membership for $25.00 (free for Or Gallery members in good standing)


Auction bids start at $40.00, raffle tickets $2 each

Trees by Khan Lee, Tom Hsu, Tiziana La Melia & Sharona Franklin, Rebecca Brewer, Raymond Boisjoly, Judy Radul, Kelly Lycan and Claire Thomas, Krista Belle Stewart, Tegan Moore, and Charlene Vickers, Jeneen Frei Njootli & Whess Harman!