Book Launch

Momus: A Return to Art Criticism Vol. 1, 2014-2017

April 20, 2018

Please join us in the Or Bookstore for the launch of Momus: A Return to Art Criticism Vol. 1, 2014-2017 on Friday, April 20. Publisher and Editor Sky Goodden will be in attendance, and joined in conversation with Momus Senior Editor Casey Beal and Denise Ryner.


Since 2014, Momus has dedicated itself to the vital, uphill work of art criticism in a mostly uncritical time. Its contributors wield this responsibility and challenge with an embodied understanding of writing clearly and bravely about our contemporary moment when we cannot afford to waste space. In its first print volume, Momus publishes a compendium of its best – and best-read – writing to date, featuring Andrew Berardini, Aruna D’Souza, Mitch Speed, Saelan Twerdy, Lauren Wetmore, Sky Goodden, Tausif Noor, and more. As NY-based critic Ben Davis writes, “Where other magazines are retreating, Momus is advancing, taking a gamble on sober critical thought and making room for new voices. For anyone interested in potential futures for art writing, Momus is both required homework and a glimmer of hope.”