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Northwest Coast

Series edited by Dana Claxton


Contributors: Skeena Reece, Brenda Crabtree, Morgan Asoyuf, Marika Swan, Roxanne Charles

5” × 8”, Softcover

Edition of 200

$10 each

$45 set of 5

Northwest Coast is a publication series edited by Dana Claxton. Collectively, the series highlights the Northwest Coast region as a place in common that underlines the development and thrivance of the contemporary creative practices of five Indigenous women. Each book features a single text by a Northwest Coast First Nations artist in which they reflect on the sociopolitical context for their contemporary art practices and engagement with traditional Indigenous Northwest Coast visual culture. As Dana Claxton notes in her foreword to the texts, “It is my hope that the words and art in these precious volumes contribute to critical consciousness and justice for Indigenous People.”

  • NCW #1

    Skeena Reece

    When the Business of Native Art Criticism Becomes Critical

    ISBN 978-1-895005-56-1

  • NCW #2

    Brenda Crabtree

    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

    ISBN 978-1-895005-57-8

  • NCW #3

    Morgan Asoyuf


    ISBN 978-1-895005-58-5

  • NCW #4

    Marika Swan

    Pulling Back into Place

    ISBN 978-1-895005-59-2

  • NCW #5

    Roxanne Charles

    Hybridity: Practices Rooted in Indigenous Epistemologies, Born of Resistance, and Engaged in the Occupation of Sociopolitical Space

    ISBN 978-1-895005-60-8