Curator Talk: Chiara Figone, Archive Books

April 16, 2019

Join us for a talk by Elena Agudio, founder of Archive and editor of Archive Journal.


Archive is a platform for cultural research and debate. It brings together activists and cultural practitioners in an adaptable structure with the aim to foster a unique space for discussion and exchange. Archive is engaged in a wide range of activities including publishing and exhibition making. Archive Books produces readers, monographs and artists’ books as well as journals focusing on contemporary cultural production and reception. Archive Kabinett is both a library/bookshop showcasing a selected range of printed matters, and a space for lectures, screenings and exhibitions. Archive Journal is a cross-disciplinary journal primarily concerned with the notion of documentation but also with contemporary uses of translation and circulation. Archive Appendix is the design department that brings a conceptual approach to the relation between text and image. In 2010, Archive Books launched The Exhibitionist: A Journal for Exhibition Making, a bi-annual magazine focused on curatorial practice and exhibition making.