Closing Celebration

Dot Feature: Closing Party and Edition Launch

March 14, 2015

Please join us on Saturday, March 14th at 4:00 PM for the closing party of Dot Feature: The 2015 Artist Residency for Risograph Printing, where we will be launching new editions by the residency’s participants. Other Risographed publications, editions and materials will also be on display.

Dot Feature is the Or Gallery’s first print residency program, based around our newly acquired Risograph machine. Local and internationally based artists are invited to work with the machine over a period of several weeks to produce new risograph-printed editions.

Risograph printing uses stencil duplication, a process similar to mimeograph or silk screen. The Risograph makes a master by thermally imprinting an image onto wax paper. This master is wrapped around an ink drum, and ink is stenciled through the master onto the paper. The machine prints one colour at a time, so each additional colour in an image requires another run through the machine. The Risograph was first produced in 1986, mainly intended for use in offices. Since then they have become popular with artists, designers and publishers for their unique aesthetic.

The works produced during Dot Feature will help to fundraise for the Or Gallery’s capital project, the Programming and Residency Space. The multi-purpose space will provide affordable accommodation for visiting artists, curators and writers. It will also act as a public venue for talks and presentations, educational programs, curatorial collaborations, and symposia, and will create educational opportunities for students and emerging artists through mentorships and internships.

The residency’s first participants are Raymond Boisjoly, Jeff Downer and Kyla Mallett.