Special Event

Printed Matter Class Show

March 29, 2018


Please join us on Thursday, March 29 for an exhibition and sale of works by 22 current students & graduates of UBC’s Printed Matter class. Topics are wide-ranging: the poetry of the everyday; rethinking the past, reflections on relationships, on being geographically dislocated, relocated; grappling with how to express, how to move or woo the viewer; things that matter, things that don’t; emotional expression; some stories obscured, others upfront; some doodles taking shape as indexes of experience; turn the page. Some of this printed matter is more image-based, some more text-centred; there’s an abundance of photography, from family collections, documenting street life or sourced from social media; some editions draw their ideas while others collage together words and images.

In this course we start small, making one-page zines and work up to substantial books. It’s an exciting process. We invite you to come and mingle with the work and the makers and perhaps take something home. Some work will be available for sale.