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Schooling the Institution
Lesson Plan

August 20
April 30, 2023

Participants: Saliema Maki, Arshi Chadha, Remas Elradi, Manar Abrre, Hafiz Akinlusi, Vanessa Fajemisen, Fatuma Maki, Vanessa Wilson, and Moroti Soji-George

For over a year, Black youth with different levels of artistic knowledge gathered once a month to discuss art institutions. They were brought together to criticize and shift institutional procedures while having the opportunity to work closely with BIPOC artists and curators. This work brought them to an understanding of how the format of a gallery can negatively affect racialized youth, and how they have valuable knowledge and experiences which can be used to critique art institutions. They explored concepts of what constitutes art from different perspectives and frameworks. In addition to these conversations, the group visited art galleries that made the youth feel more wanted by providing free entry, having less staff or security, and displaying artwork made by BIPOC artists. They realized that they had expertise that could help change these institutions for the better, and wanted to express what they knew in order to improve them. They named the project Schooling the Institution. 


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Schooling The Institution
Lesson Plan

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