Inclinations #4: Matteo Pasquinelli and Wietske Maas: Eating the “I” or Eating the Eye? Stanzas from the Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism

July 17, 2013

Or Gallery Berlin is pleased to present Matteo Pasquinelli and Wietske Maas in Eating the “I” or Eating the Eye? Stanzas from the Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism, for the fourth of our speaker series Inclinations hosted by Patricia Reed.


The Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism uncovers the Stomach of the universe against the isolation of the Eye that dominates the artistic spectrum. The Manifesto takes ingestion, rather than sensation, as the medium of our experience of the world.


Living in Amsterdam and Berlin, Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli established the Urbanibalism project in early 2007 exploring the Umwelten of different cities and organizing convivia also in Utrecht, Brussels, Melbourne and Istanbul. The Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism has been translated in Italian, Polish, Turkish and Portuguese.


A monthly speaker series at Or Gallery Berlin, hosting philosophers, artists, curators, and…


The presentation of work revolves around the posing of a question that is the thrust of a guest’s activities. It goes without saying that questions may not be answered, but are grappled with in their unresolvability. An inclination is the force of attraction to a question (without a straightforward response), yet also to each other, as a community who partakes in a common quest(ion).
Hosted by Patricia Reed.


# Arriving at a question is already a departure.
# Questions are a declaration of departure.
# Arriving at a question in thought or activity is also the creation of a trajectory, of inclining oneself towards an unknown goal, yet not without direction.
# A question inclines a departure in a particular way, but a question itself is generic – it propels all modes of seeking some thing. Questions possess the force of bending and swerving ideas/action.
# A question is the confrontation and departure from a lack. To arrive at a question is to arrive at a gap in knowledge, action and speech – a gap that cannot be immediately filled in without the inclination towards something other.
# A question is indisciplinary; the inclining magnetism of a question knows no disciplinary bounds.


In Kooperation mit der Botschaft von Kanada/In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada